Sunday, August 26, 2012

Buggy Barn Quilt Show

WARNING: Picture-heavy post!

Living in the Pacific Northwest offers so many opportunities to enjoy gorgeous quilts. Every summer is filled with a plethora of quilt shows, craft fairs, and folk art fairs, all within driving distance. Yay!

This weekend Hubby and I drove out to Reardan, Washington, for the annual quilt and folk art show at the Buggy Barn Quilt Shop. Located about 20 miles west of Spokane in the midst of wheat fields, the locale is absolutely perfect to show off the time-honored tradition of handwork.

Hundreds of feet of white rail fencing leading into and surrounding the property were covered with quilts of every size, color, and pattern.

Two buildings have quilts pinned to every wall, and clotheslines are strung to display even more.

When we stepped out of the car, wheat was all we could see.

Lots and lots of wheat.

Before long, a barn came into view.

Housing part of the folk art sale that spilled over into tents.

We took a peek, but I was there to see the quilts. And I wasn't disappointed! I have no idea how many quilts there were; let's just agree that there were LOTS. I took pictures of some that impressed me.

There were whimsical quilts:

Tessellating quilts:

There were awesome New York Beauty quilts:

There were quilts with dogs:

And quilts with cats:

Isn't this detail adorable?

Some impressed me with their embroidery:

Or their thread painting:

Some were covered with awesome applique:

While others used applique just in the border:

There was even some eye candy for the wool lovers:

But overall, there were lots and lots of gorgeous quilts:

Plus, they had the largest tree I've ever seen. Obviously we haven't made it to the Redwood National Forest yet, or this one might not seem so big. But it looked pretty darned huge to me!

If you didn't have the chance to come to this year's show, hopefully you can check it out next year. You won't be disappointed!

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