Sunday, March 4, 2012

My First Mini Quilt!

Since I'm a huge procrastinator and have a teensy tiny attention span, I thought it might be fun to try a project that I should be able to finish in an afternoon. I recently attended a class on paper-piecing given by two of the sweet ladies in my Monday sewing circle and was anxious to give that technique a try.

One of the ladies loaned me a book titled Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts by Wendy Vosters, so I chose the simplest pattern from the book to try first. It's a pattern called "Farmland" and I'd been itching to try it ever since I saw it. The finished size is only 7" by 9", so I assumed it wouldn't take me long to whip it up.

Ha ha ha ha ha...I didn't take into account that it had been a month since I took the class, so I had to relearn the process all over again. That translates to: it took me six tries to get the project started correctly. In my own defense, it's hard to concentrate when you have kitties crying outside the door of your sewing room wanting to come in, the phone rings with your sister wanting to chat, and you're home alone but you keep hearing footsteps coming from upstairs so you have to stop to go investigate. Three times.

An hour later, I finally had a good start going (that doesn't take into account the half hour it took me to finally decide on what fabrics to use). Once I got into the groove, it wasn't too hard. It also took me a little longer because I decided to bind it the old-fashioned way, rather than using the "birthing" method that the pattern recommended. From start to finish, it took me six hours; I'm sure it would have taken an experienced person only an hour or so. But I learned a lot! I can see now that I didn't square it up as well as I could have, but I'll do a better job next time.

The pattern called for a novelty corn print fabric for the border and backing; I chose a blackberry print from my LQS because: (a) I liked it better, and (b) it's more representative of the Pacific Northwest that I now call home. Now I'm ready to tackle a more complicated pattern from the book. And hopefully it won't take me nearly as long to finish!



  1. Pam, this is too sweet, and what a great idea to do it on a mini scale! Very Nice!