Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Little Scrap Love

As a new quilter, I'm still learning about fabrics...there are so many options out there! I started following Art Gallery Fabrics on Facebook and was tickled pink when they recently offered to mail out fabric scraps to their Facebook followers who requested them that day. Their only caveat was that the recipients needed to create something with those fabrics and post them on Art Gallery Fabrics' Facebook page.

Free fabric? Count me in! I emailed them with my mailing address and within a week I received an envelope filled with gorgeous fabrics! When they said scraps, I was expecting tiny pieces, but that's not what I got. They sent me a yard of one fabric and eighths and quarters of eight others! Woo hoo!!!

The fun part is that these are color combinations that I would have never chosen for myself, so they force me to get out of my little rut and try something new. Last night I sat down and tried to decide if I was going to use all of them in a single project, or if I wanted to pick and choose the ones that went best together.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and use them all. Now the big question is: what to make? With a little over two yards of fabric, I won't be able to make anything large unless I supplemented from my stash, which probably isn't what Art Gallery Fabrics had in mind. So I'll need to stick with something small: a purse, a pillow, a runner, a zipper bag, a mug rug...those are all the options that pop into my mind.

Now I'm off to try to make something pretty. Wish me luck!

And while you're at it, pop over to Facebook and "like" Art Gallery never know when they might decide to be generous with their "scraps" again!


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