Thursday, February 9, 2012

My First Finished Quilting Project!

A few days ago I told you about the project I had started using tube quilting. With my mother's birthday fast approaching...and no clue as to what to buy for her...I decided to use this "new" method to create a runner for my mom's long bathroom counter.

My parents' main bathroom has tile in salmon and white with touches of black and gray. Whenever they have company, Mom clears off the long tile countertop and scatters burning candles to give it a festive air.

I decided that this countertop could use a pretty runner to dress it up a little for company. After a week of trial and error, I finally finished a 37" x 15" runner that I wouldn't be embarrassed to give away.

Along the way there were a lot of "firsts": My first layering, my first attempt at basting, the first time I took apart my needle shank (with much trepidation) to install my new walking foot, my first attempt at "quilting in the ditch," my first project "squaring up," and my first stab at binding. It's been an eventful week!

Last night I finished hand-stitching the binding and the runner was finally complete. My poor hubby had to endure my beaming and crowing until bedtime as I repeatedly unfolded my project to ooh and aah over it.

I'll hold off mailing the runner off to my mom until Monday so that I can take it to my weekly sewing circle for some honest feedback from the veteran quilters. They're going to be shocked that I actually finished something! LOL



  1. Oh, Pam I'm ooohing and ahhhing right now. It's beautiful, what a
    dandy job you did quilting and finishing. I love it. Your sewing is

  2. Yay! It turned out beautiful! Your Mom will love it. If she's anything like my Mom, she'll ask for another :)
    xx susie

  3. Congrats on the looks great!! Your Mom is going to love it;0)

  4. Look at you go, Girl! It's absolutely gorgeous.... yay for a fabulous 'first'!