Sunday, November 27, 2011

Merry Christmas To Me!

First of all, let me put in a disclaimer for the folks reading this who really know me well: You might want to sit down.

You see, Hubby isn't a gleeful shopper, so each year I pick out my own Christmas gift. It makes him happy, and that way I get what I want. I usually pick one "big" thing rather than a bunch of smaller ones, so that it's easier to remember from year to year what my special gift was.

For a while now I've been wrangling for an iPad (I'm a Mac kind of gal). But suddenly I decided that I wanted to do something creative, to make something with my hands that you can't eat.

So I decided that this is what I want for Christmas this year:

Yep, I decided that I wanted a sewing machine for Christmas. And this one in particular, the Brother SE-400, is a great entry-level machine that allows you to sew, quilt, and embroider. It gets great reviews, even from people who own much more expensive machines and wanted a lighter-weight model to carry to classes and sewing circles.

And this is the point where all my close friends and family say, "You want whaaa-aat???" Which would normally be followed with, "But, why???"

Because...I want to make pretty things. I want to be able to make small quilts and runners, and monogram and embroider. I want to get more in touch with my "girly" side and learn a skill that women have been practicing for centuries.

And if I eventually get to the point I could be considered somewhat "competent", then I might like to share some of the things I make in my online shop.

This is probably the fault of all my friends who are so very crafty. I have friends who blog about the wonderful things that they make: dolls and quilts and soap and signs and such. I'm always so impressed, and just a wee bit envious.

This explains why you see me adding more and more quilt and sewing blogs to my blog list: it's because I need a lot of help and inspiration.

Last week I spent a few hours in a great quilt shop and learned a lot, both from the ladies who work in the shop and the friendly customers who took me under their wings. I'm meeting one of them tomorrow morning at a sewing get-together she invited me to attend, and she's promised to bring me a few beginning patterns to try and some fabric to get started with.

*Sigh*...aren't folks friendly in Idaho?

I haven't bought my sewing machine yet; I'm still asking for feedback and advice from ladies who are much more experienced. (hint, hint)


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